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Carpet cleaning services Hammersmith

We do what we know best! With years of experience, we clean your carpets quickly and efficiently. We use modern and efficient technologies in the washing and cleaning process. We are proud of a qualified technical staff with experience in the field.

With us you can clean your home, offices and other commercial spaces through which to keep a permanently clean and well maintained space to reflect a more professional image for both customers and employees.

Performance is what sets us apart from other laundry / dry cleaning companies. We acquired it through the attention we paid to this activity, from the initial stage, that of documentation and research, when we planned the business in collaboration with specialists in the field, we documented ourselves in the smallest detail about everything. which means quality in this type of service. Carpet cleaning services in Knightsbridge London.

The technology we use in cleaning is by the injection-extraction method it is recommended to be applied in spaces with heavy traffic. The solutions used do not attack the fabric, do not involve any risk of toxicity or allergy and remove dust, leaving behind a pleasant scent. The equipment used has a fast absorption capacity and the traffic can be resumed after about 30 minutes.

Sofas and armchairs
In the process of cleaning sofas and armchairs, we use professional cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and do not destroy the fabric. Washing sofas, armchairs and mattresses is done with a professional injection-extraction vacuum cleaner. This machine together with the applied solutions cleanses in depth, strengthens the textile fibers, invigorates and refreshes the color of the fabric. Choose carpet cleaning services in Hammersmith UK.

We wash your carpets with professional equipment and technologies designed especially for carpet cleaning, so that the carpets will be washed thoroughly, removing dust, dirt and bacteria from the carpets!

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